It was a black and white spring

My story of me sections keep getting so spread out! Sorry, friends. If you’re looking to read them all from the beginning read from here.

Taylor and I officially started dating on January 8, 2008. Taylor had orchestrated the cutest way to ask me out which involved these three different colors of roses for each aspect of our relationship. It was adorable; I was over-the-moon and Taylor was super nervous.

Over the next week, I went from over-the-moon this-is-the-best-ever to pit of depression/anger. Taylor’s parent’s didn’t agree with our plans to start dating and made it a point to end our relationship fast. Needless to say, this didn’t really work out in the end. God had other plans for us to grow together and be strong and hold convictions quiet dearly. Of all the times in my little life thus far, this was the most challenging. I really became so depressed about who I was and what I had caused in this family I wanted so much to impress. I lost way too much weight and thought super unhealthy thoughts. Through it all, I had the most amazing roommate, friends and pastors who came around side me to love me through this season. Who fought for Taylor and I and who loved us.

But, it spite of challenging family circumstances, Taylor and I grew together. We spent a summer working hard and hardly working in Orlando. We drove back to school at the start of our sophomore year with new freedom and not long after that Taylor must have purchased a ring because on October 8, 2008 he proposed and I said yes. He proposed in a most equally cute way with a whole story through important moments in our relationship and like any good hipster – a perfectly timed playlist. And then we were off with plans to be hitched in the spring.

Black and White


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