Love for the Introvert

Last week, I read an article about introverts. As an introvert, I loved this article.

Like this article suggests, there are lots of lies I’ve believed about myself. When you say out loud that  you’re an introvert (or depending on the circles you run in – tell someone your Myers-Briggs identification) the look on a person’s face is more often that not a look of sorrow or pity for you. The idea that the ideal is extroversion is overwhelming in America. The idea that God made me with the flaw of introversion is such an easy lie to believe.

I’m so glad God made us all differently and that introverts are just as good as extroverts in the sight of God and are just as useful in His kingdom.

Also, the idea that because I am an introvert, I don’t like people is so overwhelming and overwhelmingly wrong. I love being around people and I love working with, helping and encouraging people, just because I need some time to recharge doesn’t negate what a joy it is to be in all different types of relationships.  Even as an introvert, I happen to enjoy public speaking (most of the time) and going to parties or other large gatherings.

I hope if you’re reading this and you are an introvert, you don’t buy into these lies but look to your true value and worth and I hope if you’re an extrovert, you learn to love the people in your life who aren’t like you because they were created by God too.


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