I’ve learned so much this week about how little my faith is. Isn’t that sad?

I’m entering a new season when my faith will be tested and I hope strengthened in new ways.

I am frightened now at the prospect of change and all the uncertainty that comes with it.

I am taking comfort in God’s plan in everything and I know this is all I can cling to in these uncertain seasons.

This will not be the last season of uncertainty in my life and it is not the first, but it is a major one nonetheless.

I need to rest more on God and less on my own abilities. Maybe this new season, with all of its uncertainty, is God’s way of telling me to stop my doing and rely on Him fully. I need that. Even though I’m scared, I need this season. God knows that. He’s designed it for my good and for His glory.

May I rest in him more fully and be less fearful/anxiety ridden in the days ahead.

All my hope is in You. All my life is in You. 

*If you think about, pray for me in the season ahead!


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