Some Weekends are Special Treats

Some weekends are just good for your soul.

I hope you had that kind of weekend too.

We had family in town this weekend and it was so much fun. It doesn’t happen nearly enough, even though we only live about 4 hours away from most of our family life just gets in the way. With work schedules, school schedules and all of the rest it’s hard to get a weekend away and it’s so good when we can make it happen.

We spent the weekend laughing, dancing (because we obviously love the Just Dance games,) watching episodes of Arrested Development and getting pumped for the new season and eating good food and drinking tasty libations.

We also celebrated the Sabbath with the baptism of great friend. It’s so exciting to see his new life and his new passion. God is at work.

These are the kind of weekends I love – full of busyness yet relaxing and refreshing. Can’t wait for another one next weekend!


Every day I'm shufflin'.

Every day I’m shufflin’.

Ra- Ra Rasputin!

Ra- Ra Rasputin!


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