I’m Back!

Well, we’re back safely from San Francisco!

What a wonderful time! San Francisco is so fun and beautiful. I walked a lot, saw beautiful things and ate a lot. Overall, a great vacation. It wasn’t all vacation for Taylor though, who attended and presented at a conference. I was so proud of him and so glad I got to watch (even if it was a bit over my head).

One of the best and worst parts about this trip was its ability to get my hopes up about a future move away from Tallahassee. As you know, I’m really struggling with being okay with living here and this trip really got me excited about potentially moving. Ek!

I had lots of time to myself while Taylor was busy at his conference, which was great too. I relaxed, shopped, went to a museum, had my amazing birthday present massage. I realized that I need to deeply treasure that time too because I know that one day even my vacations will be full of other people and those will be great days too, but this was just a great time to enjoy fun times exploring a new city by myself.

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures from our trip.

Golden Gate On a streetcar


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