Distracted. That’s how I feel all too often.

My brain is full of the infinite to-do list I have raging inside me: cleaning, laundry, shopping, decorating, exercise, planning and it just keeps going.

I’m exhausted. Aren’t you?

I’ve been realizing that I’m so distracted with the tasks of my life, many of which are truly good things, that I’m missing the things that are truly important.

I’m missing the sweetness of the gospel and rejoicing in it already being enough. I’m focused on myself and my list when I should be on my knees worshiping the God who did everything for me because he loves me.

I need to take time in my life to focus on the goodness and the glory of the gospel and to overwhelm myself with its perfection because only from there can I do anything out of a true love for God instead of with the obligation I so often do them with.

Stopping the planning is such a struggle for me, but I need to take moments to realize that my God made me for so much more than the things I can put on a list.

Isn’t that good news?


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