The Ultimate Mark of Womanhood

You may be wondering where my little blog went to. Sorry, friends, family and other readers. I hit a bit of a writer’s block and the busyness of the day didn’t help much either. But fear not! I’m back!


A few weeks ago, I read this article on The Gospel Coalition website; I highly recommend it. The title really struck me: “Your Womanhood is Not on Hold.” I thought, “What?! It’s not?” I realized the lies I’ve been fed and have ultimately believed that if I don’t have a kid yet, I’m not a real woman. I never even realized this was my thinking. My mind was blown and shattered by this reality.

Unlike the women this article was more directly intended to speak to (women who struggle with fertility or women who are unmarried), I am just not in the time in my life for this to be a part of the plan yet. I fully realize it could happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s in the plan yet. I will joyously welcome this time of life when it comes, but I realize how much God is teaching me patience in this season.

One line really stuck out to me:

The ultimate mark of womanhood is hoping in God, not giving birth or loving a husband, though these are beautiful and God-glorifying privileges.

Wow. Our society does not view womanhood this way, but I’m so in need of my thinking to reflect this reality. My identity should never be found in my status as a wife or eventually a mother, but in light of my status as a child of God. In my opinion, this is the most freeing news.

I shouldn’t become frustrated when people ask when I’m finally going to be a mother or tell my I’m not really busy or overwhelmed by my life because I don’t have a kid. I should be gracious and loving in all circumstances. It surely is easier said than done.

We are not on hold, dear sisters. It might feel like it some days, but God has put us exactly where he wants us in our particular season.

I need to remember that and cling to that reality even when it doesn’t feel true.


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