Tears of Joy

From my wedding in 2009

From my wedding in 2009

I didn’t cry at my wedding. I couldn’t feel anything in the moment. It’s a blur even now. (I get why people have videos of that day to look back on it and laugh. I don’t have one, but oh what a video it would be.)

I hadn’t cried at a single wedding before my wedding either. I didn’t get how big of a deal it is.

I cry at every single wedding since then. I cry during fake weddings on TV. I could probably make myself cry just thinking about a wedding. It’s absolutely out of control.

It’s because I get it now. I get the weight of it. I get the importance of it. I get that kind of love. I get the overwhelmingly beauty of God’s love for us in it. I get all of it.

When, I think about people I know getting to that point in their lives when they want to make that kind of covenant, I am so overjoyed for them and so nostalgic of my own wedding that I just can’t help but cry.

Do you cry at weddings or do you keep it all in?


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