Moving On

This post isn’t about Valentine’s Day, but I hope you’re having a great one! Shout out to Taylor for an awesome Valentine/Husband/Person. 

Jean Jacket

Now, onward with my life story. (Like the picture above:  jean jacket and terribly huge glasses. I was hipster before it was a thing!)

We moved from Colorado to Florida in November of 1997. I was 8.

I don’t even remember when or how my parents even told me we were moving.

I remember the letters my classmates wrote me. I hope teachers still have their students do that. It was so encouraging to take a little stack of poorly written letters with me to the new and foreign land of Orlando.

I was so scared the first day at my new school. Doesn’t the unknown always have the effect, at least a bit?  I remember sitting and waiting in the office for my new teacher to come get me. She was exactly the kind of teacher I needed. Isn’t it great how God does that?

The first thing my teacher did was ask me a simple question. One I definitely got wrong, but I was glad I did. She said “Seminole or Gator?” I was 8 and from Colorado so I didn’t even know what a Seminole was so I blurted “Gator?” Apparently, being the week after Thanksgiving, those teams had just played and the Gators won.

I came home so happy because I had gotten out of homework for a whole week.  I’m not sure my mom really believed my story about this. In hindsight, shouldn’t she have been worried about this new educational system based on football game wins?

It was the makings of a good new start – for me as a little 8-year-old in a new land, for my family it would be the first time I remember my Dad ever having a real job. It was the start we needed.


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