Working it Out

I’m reading Timothy Keller’s newish book on work, Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work. I’d highly recommend you read it ASAP.

It’s probably the hardest book to read when you’re struggling with work like I am. I am so thankful I have a job at all. I know that this is something to praise God for. So many people my age are without and living at home. I’m absolutely blessed to have a job at all – even if it is extremely discouraging, often pointless and thankless. Even when my soul cries out for justice in an unjust environment, I need to remember that justice is not the answer. Timothy Keller talks about these things as the product of the fall in work. This is not how work was meant to be, but it is how work is because of sin. I need to remember this and fight against it. (Side note: I’m still reading the redemption part of this book so I’m hoping to learn much more.)

This is where God has placed me. I think so I’ll start to learn that I am not my job. In a culture, that values work above all else it’s hard to see that. It’s easy to succumb to the idea that you are your job, that if you don’t really know what kind of job you’re perfect for you have somehow missed out on something huge. It’s so easy to get bogged down at parties or while meeting new people really anywhere with that one question, “Oh, and what do you do?” And by that we all mean “what’s your occupation?” If we actually answered that question at face value, we might actually get into more interesting conversations, but I digress.

I was created to work by a Creator who loves work and creation. Maybe one day I’ll know what kind of work that I was created for. I’ve always thought I needed a job that really helped individuals and the more I’ve been thinking about graduate school vs. not vs. the world of endless possibilities I’ve come to realize that my unsatisfied feeling at many of my jobs stems from the lack of help I’ve been able to provide to individuals. Sure, I’ve helped companies and different organizations and sometimes people within those organizations, but never really tangibly helped or encouraged or motivated individuals. I think I need to start moving in that direction.  Any ideas? I’m wide open for suggestions.

I think in all of it: good days and bad, I’m really just constantly learning to trust God more. To really believe He’s at work in my life and to trust that His word is true.


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