Ikea Chair Redo

Taylor owned a cheapo dining set from ikea before we got married. I thought we would have replaced it with real furniture by now but we have no plans to do so in the immediate future so I thought a change was in order.

The chairs to this set, Ikea Stefan, are cheap, but relatively durable seeing that they have lasted us over 4 year. Unfortunately, they are not the most comfortable of chairs. We feel guilty anytime we have a dinner party because we always end up sitting and talking in these stiff chairs.

To fix this problem, I planned to create my own seat cushion for these chairs. The project was relatively straight forward. (Big thanks to Taylor for helping me with it!)

Supplies: 2 inch foam, batting, fabric (about 3 yards covered all 6 chairs but we bought a bit extra just in case), scissors, Sharpie, Staple Gun


1. Take off all the seats from the chairs.

2. Cut foam to fit the seats. I used a marker to trace the seats on the foam and then cut each of them out.

3. Use spray adhesive to glue foam onto chair seat.

4. Cut batting and fabric to desired size. (Make sure you do this after the foam is dry so you can accurately measure with the extra inches of foam).

5. Staple batting and fabric to the bottom of the seat.

6. Reattach seat and enjoy the new comfort.
Ikea Stefan Chairs


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