To-do lists

Today was a busy work day. It was the kind of day that my to-do kept growing faster than I could get things accomplished. It got me thinking about to-do lists.

I love to-do lists. I work with a constant to-do list on a legal pad, I think it’s a holdover from my days at a pr agency.

In the past, I really hated not getting to everything on my list on the day I wanted it done. But, recently I’ve really worked on not getting overwhelmed by everything and focusing on how much I have gotten done and not all the things left to do.

I still need to-do lists. They are such a help to keep my mind organized and complete my tasks at work or home efficiently, but I know I’m not earning any favor if I don’t check off all the boxes. It also helps to add a few tasks I’ve already accomplished but that never made the list to make me smile and maybe think I’m a little crazy. You do that too, right?


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