Church People

“I don’t go to church because I haven’t had much luck with church people.”

This is the conversation I got to be a part of a few days ago and now, days later, my mind is still boggled by this statement.

This person, like a lot of people I know, has been hurt by someone they knew via a church. That hurt was most certainly real.

“Church people” as this person so aptly stereotyped are real people. They are flawed. They make huge mistakes and they hurt people. I know this because I am an imperfect, mean, short-tempered and unloving “church person.” I fail and I fail daily.

*”Church people” are also wonderful people, made in the image of God, hopefully trying to live a life to bring honor and glory to God (at least the ones I know, strive for this.)

The point of the Church is Jesus. It’s about bringing people to Him and knowing Him more. It’s about living your life because of him.

I am grieved by the hurt that can happen from within the walls of a church. I have witnessed the disintegration of churches and have been broken over the lack of unity within the body of Christ. This is tragic. We should strive to change this. We should love each other and care for each other better.

I am even more grieved that the work of the devil can so twist a person’s mind to think that church is about what they want or the people in it. Church is about the supreme importance of Jesus and his ultimate worth and glory. Missing out on that is the saddest thing I can imagine.

Okay, enough rambling for today.

*I know that this might not be the case for some and that churches are full of many different types of people and some people use the church for harm and a zillion other nuances this post simply won’t be long enough to address.


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